Those Flies that Hit the Windshield

Those Flies that Hit the Windshield – Trailer

El Abuelo (60) and Narices (30), two hired killers that have never worked together before, drive a pickup truck where they carry a gagged man covered in bed sheets. As they drive through dusty roads, one phone call from their boss, Mr. Romero, gives the order to El Abuelo to interrogate, kill, and bury the man they carry. What transpires during the trip will reveal the real objective of Mr. Romero.

Coproduction by
El Topo Films – Altiplano GPS – Luzalma Films

Hernán Méndez ….. El Abuelo
Santiago Londoño ….. Narices
Andrés Salcedo …. Locutor
Armando Russi …. El Loco
Producer: Mario Cubillos Peña
Co-Producer: John Francisco Navas
Production Designer: Óscar Adán, Diego Barajas Riaño, Mario Cubillos Peña
Cinematographer: Diego Barajas Riaño
Art Director: Juan David Tejedor
Editor: Felipe Moncada
Sound Designer: Rafael Ospino Bentancurt
Original music: José Barajas Riaño

Copyright © Luzalma Films

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